Our shop in Trefriw is now closed in order to comply with Welsh Assembly regulations.

Our online shop remains open.

We have temporarily suspended our service to EU countries.

Please contact us by e-mail as we may not be in to answer the phone.


Watch the cloth grow as we weave our Welsh tapestry, tweed or travel rugs on a Dobcross loom which is over 50 years old.

Weaving consists of two sets of threads. The warps run down the loom. Each thread in the warp is threaded through an eye in a heddle and the heddles are arranged on shafts. When some of the shafts are raised the heddles on those shafts and therefore the attached threads are lifted and a shed is made through which the shuttle carrying the weft thread passes.

The wide chain controls which shafts are raised and lowered to make the pattern. The narrow chain controls the boxes and therefore which shuttle and what colour thread is inserted in the weft.

We need 16 shafts to weave Welsh tapestry which is a double cloth.